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Catherine Casey, B.S.W., M.A., Clinical Psychology, International Training Consultant

Catherine’s passion and vision is to reignite the resiliency and wisdom in all persons in any environment through the understanding of the 3 Principles.  Catherine has been teaching “ 3 Principles Programs” to a wide range of people in many different environments throughout the world for the past 25 years. She has implemented a Principle Based Resiliency Program in the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, and a Principles Program in Santa Clara County Corrections Facilities for both adults and juveniles, San Jose, California. She has conducted trainings in the UK, Spain, Belgium, Israel, Finland, Norway and Russia.  Persons wanting to advance their consulting/coaching careers also seek her out for her mentoring services.  Catherine also has shared the principles to LGBT groups and individuals.

Many of the environments that Catherine has consulted in include:  Fortune 500 Corporations, i.e.: Dow Chemical, BAE Defense Systems, Chlorox, and Boston Scientific; Medical Centers, State and County Government organizations; Adult and Juvenile Criminal Justice Systems (including San Quentin Prison); Law Enforcement; Educational Institutions (Elementary through College); Psychiatric Residential Facilities, and Addiction Treatment Programs. 

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