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If you have not yet had the pleasure of knowing Azul as a friend, colleague or coach, you have a treat in store.  She is a remarkably gifted woman ....full of wisdom and kindness and willing to use her talents in service to her fellow human beings.  Azul is a great story-teller, a wonderful listener and truly a blessing in my life.

Mavis Karn
Counselor, educator, and consultant 
Author of It´s That Simple

Azul is a gifted Three Principles practitioner because of her depth of insight into her true nature. She shares from an honest sincerity and with real authenticity. I know how Azul listens for deeper meaning and with a compassionate heart. You are in good hands if you ask Azul to be your guide to inner freedom and well-being.

Dr. Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D.
Psychological Educator
Co-author of Coming Home

Attempting to describe what Azul has meant to my family is not an easy task because words could never convey the love and gratitude we have for this wonderful coach.  Azul came into my life at a time that I needed help and support with my business and very quickly became a friend and confidante.  I place Azul high on my list of the most important people I’ve met on my journey because what she did for a very loved member of my family is beyond what we could have expected and more than we could have wanted.  As a coach, she lovingly guided my granddaughter to health and the healing created a deep understanding for all of us that helped everyone to heal and live in a more peaceful way.  Azul is all about love and her gentle hand-holding gave my family comfort, knowing that she showed up, whenever we needed her and gave so much of herself to my granddaughter.  They have became good friends and I feel their connection will go on for ever as the deep bond grew into a deep respect for what we have all come to see as truth especially for my granddaughter.  She has become a beautiful young woman with confidence and understanding and she is already making a difference with her peers and even her teachers, as they witness the conscious way she navigates her life.  I know that without Azul, the outcome may have been very different.  Thank you Azul for who you are and for the way you show up in this world.  

We adore you.

Sharon Castle 
Transformational Coach

Azul is an inspiring, gifted coach who in creating a space to listen to me enabled me to listen to myself.  A a result I had many useful, surprising insights about myself that I had previously been unaware of. She has a warm, caring way that enabled me to feel immediately comfortable and as a result I was able to settle into the coaching sessions quickly.  I'm so grateful for our time spent together.

Wendy Davey

Being coached by Azul has been an incredible journey. 

I have loved every minute of it: from the powerful unexpected insights to the challenges that she’s gently invited me to explore over time, always guiding me to my own wisdom.

Her authenticity, profound humanity and her incredible wealth of experience have deeply touched my life in so many positive ways.
I cannot recommend her enough. If you’re looking for a way to reconnect to your own power, to the very core of who you are, look no further.

Alessandra De Siati Tinucci

I found my conversations with Azul really helpful. She guided me gently out of my head and into my heart where I was able to see things with so more clarity. Azul is gifted in creating an insight friendly space, which allowed me to trust in the wisdom that lies within. My conversations with Azul helped me to discover how to create space to hear new inspiration from within. She has a comforting and friendly presence and an ability to put people at ease. I highly recommend working with Azul

Julie (Jules) McCammon

Working with Azul was such a beautiful experience. She has a wonderful way of explaining how our minds work and how we can get in our own way by the way we think against ourselves. 
Azul also gave me some great ideas to get my own business started and she suggested that I follow my own inspiration.

Pam Hall

I have tried many different forms of therapy, life coaching and meditation practices. Coaching sessions with Azul have reminded me of the true meaning of life and what it means to be authentically myself. She has been the only life coach to look up my Indigenous language to write me a note of luck before a big life event; that small gesture of connection and care was so special and meant a lot. Azul sees you, all of you, and asks questions that help you tap into your true self. I would show up to a session with anxiety and an uneasiness with life and leave feeling calm, grounded, and like everything was just as it's meant to be.

Danielle Stickman

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