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We have become very close friends during our journeys of being deeply involved in the Three Principles community while supporting organizations, coaches, mentors and through offering our own guidance to others.  We felt guided to design this program connecting everything we have seen in our own lives with everything we have learned in our careers.  We are offering our open hearts to those who feel called to join us and receive our support.

The Heart of Service came to us and we felt it was perfect because we know that coming from this place is the key element to build a sustainable practice that will truly make a difference.

This year-long program is an invitation to focus on your own inner guidance, allowing your natural confidence to show up and be the compass of your coaching/ mentoring business

This will be a one-year-long path starting from the very core: your own life and grounding. We´ll move gently in the direction of how to guide others. To complete the year, we´ll work on practical and technical details of building and growing your business. We´ll have insightful conversations, and also remain very simple and practical. 

We'll be together, in a very small group, for a whole year, offering support during the journey of unleashing your true self and potential. Our master classes for the first 6 months will be offered by Mavis Karn, whose simplicity and down-to-earth way of sharing inspires both of us deeply. 


We are offering you 6 masterclasses with Mavis Karn, 27 group sessions with us, 9 bonus sessions with wonderful guests speakers  and 9 private and individual mentoring sessions.

We love this little video because it shows the feeling we want to bring to this program. We don't know who created it but we´d love to give them credit. 

Our intention is to make this easy and affordable to those who feel called to join us.  

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I first learned about how well we are all designed over 45 years ago.  There were no instruction manuals, no formal training programs... just occasional talks with people who heard something really important about the nature of human experience. I can't imagine what it would have been like to have something available like the program Azul and Bonnie are offering! It took me months and months, (if not years) to feel confident that there was a way to pass on what I instinctively knew to be the simple truth of us.... we are not broken!  After years of trying to fix myself and others, it was awkward to change course completely.  This course would have made the whole process so much smoother.  


I hope you decide to take part in it I know you would never regret it,

and I would love to meet you there! 

Mavis Karn

How are we going to make this happen? 


We have designed a program in 6 sections for a small group of participants. 


First Part: Deep Listening Workshop

Two sessions of 90 minutes each during March. After the workshop, we´ll pair you to practice your listening skills for 9 practice sessions through April, May, and June.  

We consider Deep Listening the core of this program and your practice. This is the space where you´ll be connecting deeply with your own wisdom to guide others and to receive the maximum benefit of each session. 

Second Part:  All About You

This section is  3 months long: April, May and June. During this first part of the journey, we'll explore the following topics:

  • Our Divine Engineering, the truth of who we really are, and how it's not a matter of faith. 

  • We always create our experiences of life from the inside out. There are no exceptions although sometimes it looks like they are.

  • Letting go of the inner narrative.

  • What feelings really are and how to navigate them.

  • Inner guidance: how to connect with it, how to distinguish it from personal thinking. Real practice on it.

  • The importance of setting intentions & and taking inspired actions.

  • Working effortlessly, the art of allowing your full potential to guide you to take effortless steps to your desires.

  • Taking actions from a place of Stillness.

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Third part of this Journey: Living Your Life

This journey is 2 months long: July and August. 

The idea of this part of the journey is that you´ll be able to integrate into your personal life everything you have seen during the previous months while you are supported, twice per month, by Bonnie, Azul, and the rest of the participants. What use is this understanding if we don't experience a real shift in the way we live our daily lives?  This will also be a reflective time to get ready for the next part.

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Fourth part of this Journey: How to guide others

This journey is 3 months long: September, October and November

During this part of the journey, we´ll explore the following topics:

  • How to guide others in conversations. (Coaching/Mentoring)

  • How to offer a webinar/conference guided by Wisdom

  • Teaching, coaching, guiding... What's the difference? What’s our real job? 

  • Insecure thinking & and Impostor syndrome

  • Mental health

  • Addictions and addiction to our own narrative

  • Trauma, sexual abuse, violence 

  • Essential Selfishness

  • Stress and Burnout

  • Relationships: all kinds of relationships. 

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Fifth part of this Journey: Integration

This journey is 1 month long: December. The idea of this part of the journey is that you´ll be able to integrate into your personal life everything you have seen during the previous months while you are supported, twice per month, by Bonnie, Azul, and the rest of the participants. 

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Sixth and final part of this Journey: Building and growing your practice by being authentically in service

As experienced support staff to others, we understand what can come between you and being of service. All the tech stuff that seems challenging can become easy and light by letting go of all your insecure thinking and learning with our support.

This journey is 3 months long: January, February and March

During this part of the journey, we´ll explore the following topics:

  • Finding your natural way of connecting and sharing with others. (Video, blogging, live events… ) 

  • Experience creating videos, blogs, and posts for different social platforms coming from wisdom. What happens when your insecure thinking shows up?  

  • Post all your creations in a private FB group, to help you to notice and dissolve any feelings of discomfort coming up before you start posting publicly.

  • Technical support class: how to easily create a mailing list and a form to start building your audience. 

  • Creating opportunities vs saying yes to life. 

  • How to offer webinars: Coming from the feeling, creating a loving space.  Details of practical steps (how to promote, how to handle the recording, etc…) 

  • How to grow your coaching business being authentically in service to others.

  • Practical aspects of a coaching business (contracts, fees, policies, etc.)

  • 4 group sessions dedicated to discussing and answering your specific business and technical questions.


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Fee: $2,000 USD  paid in full or $220 for 12 months. If you prefer to pay in 2 or 3 installments, we're open to exploring options together.


This includes:

  • 6 masterclasses with Mavis Karn 

  • 27 group 90-minute sessions

  • 9 bonus sessions with wonderful guest speakers 

  • 6 individual coaching sessions 

  • 3 individual supervision sessions 

  • You´ll receive a certificate of completion if you have attended at least 80% of the sessions live, and completed 80% of the homework on time.  


All regular sessions are on Saturdays. Each month you´ll have at least one week off.


  • 9 am PST

  • 11 am CST  & Mexico

  • Noon EST

  • 5 pm UK 

  • 6 pm CEST 

Clocks change in March and October so please pay attention to the time difference. 


  • Section 1, Deep Listening Workshop: March 16th and 23rd

  • Section 2, All About You: April 6 (Mavis Karn), 13, 20  May 4 (Mavis Karn), 11, 18  June 1 (Mavis Karn), 8, 15

  • Section 3, Living Your Life: July 6, 20  August 3, 17

  • Section 4, How to guide others: September 7 (Mavis Karn), 14, 21  October 5 (Mavis Karn), 12, 19  November 2 (Mavis Karn), 9, 16

  • Section 5, Integration: December 7, 21



  • Section 6, Your Practice: January 11, 18, 25  February 8, 15, 22  March 8, 15, 22


All sessions will be recorded and made available to the participants.

Dates for all bonus calls will be announced during the program.  Also, this program is a 'sibling' to the program in Spanish called El Camino Del Corazón, led by Azul alongside Ruby Cortés. For this reason, you will also have access to the sessions with international guests from that program, with live automatic translation. After each session, you will receive the complete, edited transcription in English.

To get to know the wonderful guest speakers you will be able to access this way, click here

About Us
In alphabetical order ...


Azul Leguizamon

For most of my life, I believed that my past experiences had left me irreparably broken. I tried various approaches to healing myself, including traditional therapy and holistic therapies. I even became a Reiki Master Teacher and Bach Flower Practitioner, exploring numerous techniques and remedies. While these endeavors provided some relief, I still felt that something was missing deep within me. I often found myself caught in mood swings, struggled in relationships, and constantly felt inadequate.

That's when I discovered the Three Principles—an inside-out understanding that transformed my perspective. I came to realize how our minds shape our experiences, how our thoughts create our reality, and how our feelings are on our side. Most importantly, I discovered that I was never truly broken; there was nothing to fix.

Initially, I grasped these principles on an intellectual level. However, as I engaged in ongoing conversations and received guidance from teachers like my mentors, Mavis Karn, and Dicken Bettinger, I began to witness their practical application in my life. I needed support to identify my blindspots, challenge my assumptions, and uncover the inherent wisdom within me. Through this process, my life became infused with lightness, self-love blossomed, relationships became more harmonious, and I gained the freedom to craft the fulfilling life I had always longed for.


I am a registered 3P practitioner in the 3 Principles Global Community (3PGC) and the 3PESP. I also served as the Project Manager for 3PESP and have mentored at Mindifit Coaching Academy in South Africa, contributing to the growth of aspiring coaches.

As a transformational coach, I am deeply passionate about my work. Guiding others to allow themselves to drop the shackles of the story of their past, find inner peace regardless of external circumstances, and unlock their true potential is an incredible gift.  

Read what others are saying about Azul here. 

Bonnie for THOS-removebg-preview.jpg

Bonnie Jarvis

I’ve been both a student and a spiritual seeker for most of my life.  I earned a BA in Graphic Design, MS in Computer Science, MA in Spiritual Psychology and completed several coaching programs.  I also traveled down many paths looking for Wisdom and Truth.  About 10 years ago I came across the Three Principles and began to see a much deeper understanding of how Life works. Since then, I do my best to slow my busy mind and always look in the direction of the inside-out nature of the human experience.

During these past 10 years, I've had the pleasure of supporting many Three Principle coaches and mentors in their businesses.  Among those, I built, managed and maintained Amy Johnson’s Little School of Big Change for its first 3 years, built Lyn McCright’s Advancing Holistic Health Coaching school, and supported Barb Patterson with several websites and a membership site.  

About 9 years ago I began working for 3PGC, starting as part-time support and growing into the role of full-time Operations Director.  My work included building, maintaining and managing the membership website that helped the organization expand significantly. I coordinated, organized and ran all of the details and aspects of the online courses and conferences offered by 3PGC. I also co-created and managed all aspects of the Apprentice Practitioner and Registered Practitioner programs.  It was an honor to serve the 3PGC board and community.


I work with people who are feeling stuck around the details of their online businesses to help them see the inside-out nature of their challenging thinking and how to move through it. 

Everyday, my sweet little dog Daisy mentors me on having more fun, relaxing, and taking life less seriously.

Read what others are saying about Bonnie here. 


Mavis Karn

I am a counselor, educator and a consultant in private practice in St. Paul Minnesota in the US. I have spent over forty-five years doing my work with individuals, families, businesses, hospitals, schools, prisons, government agencies and treatment centers, police departments and nonprofits, law firms, Native American tribes and agencies, individual athletes and teams and coaches and therapists and so on and so on... 

My work has taken me all over the US and to South Africa, as well as most recently to many countries on Zoom. I realized that this may all appear to be very impressive, but I am in the evening of my life, and it took quite a while for this list to grow. In the end, though, it has all seemed to me to be simply a moment-to-moment accumulation of time spent doing what I love to do, passing on the best information I ever got in my life, to anyone else who's interested in hearing it.  

Learn more about Mavis: 

Guest Speakers
In alphabetical order ...


Cathy Casey
Learn more here


Kristy Halvorsen
Learn more here


Rita Shuford

Learn more here


Tom Mattox

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Christine Heath

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Mark Howard
Learn more here


Sharon Castle
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Untitled design (1).jpg

Yael Abramson
Learn more here


Dicken Bettinger

Learn more here


Nikon Gormley
Learn more here

THOS Ocean 2_edited.jpg

and more

to come...

Also, this program is a 'sibling' to the program in Spanish called El Camino Del Corazón, led by Azul alongside Ruby Cortés. For this reason, you will also have access to the sessions with international guests from that program, with live automatic translation. After each session, you will receive the complete, edited transcription in English.

International Guest Speakers

Captura de pantalla (349)_edited.jpg

Laura Mesa

Inside-out Relationships

Learn more here

Imagen de WhatsApp 2024-01-26 a las 13.39.58_559d21e8.jpg

Rosanna Carrasco

Love, joy, and well-being.
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Marina Galán

The Principles and global crisis

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Enrique Román

Facilitating groups:

from distress to understanding.

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Imagen de WhatsApp 2023-12-14 a las 07.33.37_fc5dd5fc.jpg

Luis Molero

Self-awareness and writing
Learn more here

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