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“Bonnie and I worked together for many years for Three Principles Global Community Board. I found it easy to work with Bonnie because she always came up with good ideas about programs I was working on, and she enjoyed collaborating with me to find the best answers together. Bonnie is a hard worker and truly dedicated to being of service. Also, it is easy to laugh with Bonnie and we really enjoy talking about our dogs and our sunsets! We also share a lot with each other about what we find helpful when going through challenging times.
Bonnie will be a warm, kind, humble guide pointing you toward
your inner resources!.”

Dicken Bettinger 

Psychological Educator
Co-author of Coming Home

"It is my honor and pleasure to know Bonnie and call her a dear friend. Bonnie is a loving, caring, insightful and open minded human being.  She loves learning and exploring the deep truth of who and what we are and how life works from the inside out.  She is super smart and wise and one of the most naturally humble people I know with a wealth of knowledge and wide open to continued learning, growing and sharing.

She listens deeply with an open, curious, nonjudgmental mind. Bonnie helps create a safe space for folks to relax, be themselves and look within together for deeper understand and insight into the source of life and human experience."

Rita J. Shuford, Ph.D.
Three Principles Hawaii, LLC

"Bonnie is firstly an amazing person. I think of her as the “brains & wisdom” behind any project or program she is involved with. I support her in this amazing new program she is embarking on this coming year. You are all in good hands. It’s an honor and privilege to be her colleague and friend."


Catherine Casey

3Principles Consultant for the past 30 years

"I have had the good fortune to work with Bonnie Jarvis for over 10 years. Bonnie was the point person for all of the activities we did on the Three Principles Global Community.  She was instrumental in helping to develop what the organization is today.  Bonnie was absolutely perfect for that job because, not only is she intelligent and focused, but she also has the most beautiful feeling and has a heart of gold.  She is very grounded in her understanding of the Three Principles, which helped to share the feeling and hope of the Principles with everyone that contacted us.

I love that Bonnie is now developing new programs and will share her Aloha with even more people. If you participate with her, you will gain a very good friend and she will point you in the direction of your own wisdom in a way that’s gentle and unique"

Christine J. Heath, LMFT, CSAC
Hawaii Counseling and Education Center

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