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Yael Abramson

Yael is a life Coach, 3 Principal practitioner, and a certified Rewilding Guide.


Yael's intention is to change the current narrative and perspective on mental and physical health, reduce suffering, and create beauty in the world through sharing her story of full recovery in organizations, universities, and mental health facilitation worldwide. 


Yael has recovered from bipolar disorder after having 5 psychotic episodes in 10 years. She suffered from suicidal ideation for 15 years and tried to take her life. She lived in a feeling that no matter what she did she was mentally broken. Since coming across the 3P understanding, she slowly started to feel free and experience peace of mind. After 6 months she lost 50 kilos without dieting! 


She has a private practice guiding people to a full experience of life.

Yael works with individuals, young adults, couples, families, and Groups. Gently guides them back to health after any diagnosis.


Yael enjoys taking long walks in nature spending time with herself, family, and friends creating wood art, learning about life, and fooling around with her furry cats.

She can be reached at

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