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Healing, from the Inside Out with Rita J. Shuford and Azul Leguizamón

Healing as defined in The American Heritage New Webster Dictionary means to restore to health or soundness; set right; repair; restore a person to spiritual wholeness.

In 1977, Sydney Banks made a very powerful statement about healing: “Truth, when heard, is the healer of literally all things.” As we reflected on his words, these questions came to mind:

• What is it about “Hearing” truth that heals?
• What does it mean to “Hear”?
• How does this help us in our everyday life?

You are invited to join in a conversation exploring together these questions. The truth of our very being is that we are whole and healthy at the core, no matter what. Our conversations will include exploring the spiritual nature of life and human experience and how realizing the fundamental source of our human experience heals from the inside out. The implications are profound and practical for both our life and our work.

This is a 6-week online course.
Each sessión will be 90 minutes long.
Recordings will be available.

We start on Thursday, June 22, and go through July 27, 2023.

12 PM Pacific Time
9 AM-10:30 AM, HST.

The registration fee is $350, early bird fee is $300 available until June 15.

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