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One Ticket, Endless Experiences

Every time a thought shows up, it is an invitation to create an experience and embark on an adventure. The ticket to join that experience is my own attention.

Sometimes, I get distracted and allow my attention to ramble, creating experiences that I really don't enjoy.

Luckily, at some point, I always notice that I was distracted and got involved in an experience I would rather not have.

Sometimes, I can just decide to bring my attention back to myself; other times, I'm already too invested in the experience. At that moment, my feelings let me know they are the way out of that experience. I feel them, I drop my thinking, and I'm always back home.

Today I´m choosing to remove my attention from any thoughts that are unkind to myself, leaving that habit of thinking to dissolve by itself...

I´ll be looking in that direction for the next 4 weeks. If you´d like to join that adventure you can find the details here.

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